About Bradley

the conscientious objective
Regardless of your theological or political views, the conscientious objector offers an excellent example for all who wish to live a life that serves God and those around you. The decision to be a conscientious objector requires one to practice their theology in the real world. The theological legwork required is significant and complex. the conscientious objective, like the objector, focusses on practical applications of Christian theology, recognition of challenges to theology in everyday life, and reflections on experiences with theological implications.

About the Author
Bradley Christianson-Barker grew up at Richland Hills Church of Christ, in Dallas-Fort Worth. Interested in surfing, he headed west to Pepperdine University, where he declared as a double major in Religion and Speech Communication. Bradley spent his sophomore year studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany, where he met his future wife, Jenna Christianson. Upon graduation from Pepperdine, Bradley and Jenna married and headed to Atlanta, Georgia for Bradley to pursue an M.Div. at Emory University. While in Atlanta, both Bradley and Jenna had the privilege of working at North Atlanta Church of Christ in ministering positions. After completion of his M.Div., they moved to New Orleans to be a part of the community’s continued renewal efforts and to do vocational ministry in the community development field of non-profits. In 2010, Khaim Christianson-Barker was born, adding lots of fun and energy to the family. Called back to the ministry, they are currently serving at Open Door Church in BC, Canada, where they are anticipating their 2nd son, *^$%#@. When Bradley is not pondering theological matters, he enjoys all outdoor activities, soccer, baseball and cycling.

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